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Ghedina “De Justina” Family: Hoteliers by tradition

Since 1898: A History of Hospitality

In the name of tradition

The Ghedina “De Justina” family (family nickname deriving from Titta de Justina da Alverà 1702 – 1762) purchased this typical Ampezzo house with stable and barn in 1876.

From the Laboratory to the tavern: our history in the sign of Family Hospitality

The Artisan Heritage of Giuseppe Ghedina

The head of the family Giuseppe is an excellent craftsman in the processing of silver filigree, a goldsmith’s art imported from the Far East through the Venetian merchants which the artisans of Cortina brought to an excellent degree of perfection, from the mid-1700s to the early 1900s, with international recognition.

In his laboratory, where the bar is today, in addition to his son Massimiliano, up to 8 workers collaborated.

At the end of the 19th century, a simple Tavern was opened.

During the First World War, the house ended up in the hands of Austrian and then Italian soldiers, becoming a strategic control point along the royal road. During this period it suffered serious damage to its structure.

Foto storica della famiglia Ghedina -
Foto storica dell'Hotel Des Alpes, la nostra storia

His son Massimiliano, after the war and repairing the house, continued his father’s work and married Giuditta Menardi “Sèla” who came from a dynamic family of traders.

From his activism we began to provide accommodation to the first tourists and above all to the families of the patients of the Codivilla Hospital, who came from all over Italy for heliotherapy treatments.

With the subsequent development of tourism in the valley, the Ghedina family began to better organize hospitality for customers and also provide a simple inn service with a bar also available for passing customers.

During the Second World War the hotel had various vicissitudes. It was used as a makeshift school and then again as a military checkpoint, first by the Germans, then by the Americans and finally by the Italians with the Folgore soldiers.

Villa alla Verra becomes the Hotel des Alpes

From Historic Inn to Modern Hotel

Having been widowed just after the war, Giuditta, with the collaboration of all her children, continued the business and the old inn “Villa alla Verra” took the name of Hotel des Alpes.

In 1956 the Diploma of Honor was recognized with the third prize and bronze medal by the provincial Tourist Board of Belluno when the house was completely renovated and enlarged on the occasion of the Cortina Olympic Event, during which our Hotel hosted the Finnish team.

After the Olympics the modern history of the hotel began, the children of Maximilian and Giuditta took turns in running the house which today is managed by their grandchildren.

In 2006, 50 years after the Olympics, the Ghedina de Justina family wanted to intervene again in a structural way for the complete renovation of the hotel, adapting the house to the new standards of hospitality and comfort, with the lively hope that our tradition of hospitality can continue in the best way for future years.

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